Gun-metal chain detailing dominates arse-kicking gladiator sandals

Gladiator fetish sandals

Always living life on the edge, up-and-coming label Privileged has brought out a gladiator sandal that hints at the world of the dominatrix in the nicest possible way. This arse-kicking gladiator uses gun-metal curb chain for straps and continues the metallic theme with a razor thin metallic heel. UPDATE, March 2018: These heels from 2014 … Read more

Sporty high heel sneakers from Privileged

stiletto sneakers

[UPDATE, April 2016: These sneaker heels are no longer available and links have been removed.] There’s a definite gap in the market for sneaker high heels, but it is slowly being filled. We’ve earlier reported that Nike don’t make sneaker heels (although they do say they will keep the concept under review pending demand) and … Read more