The look for less: Giuseppe Zanotti mules

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Giuseppe Zanotti mulesHas Giuseppe Zanotti taken inspiration for his new $650 heels from a simple pair of stripper shoes? Is the mule craze out of control? Aren’t all sky-high heels just bedroom shoes in disguise? Who the hell knows?

What I do know is that Zanotti’s black patent-leather 5 inch mules (above – Zanotti, $650) do remind me awfully of the Domina stilettos from the stripper shoe retailing behemoth Pleaser. The Pleasers are higher (the “approximately” 5 inch is actually closer to a 6 inch heel) but the micro-peep-toe mules otherwise do look to be cut rather similarly. How many different ways can you really do a black stiletto mule I suppose.

If the Pleaser Domina 101 sandals take your fancy they’re available for somewhere between $42-$55 from Amazon.

black pleaser mules


pleaser domina mules