Trend alert: minimalist high heeled sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos

For spotters of shoe trends, the latest look to watch out for is minimalist sandals. We’re starting to see a whole bunch of simple stiletto sandals with a minimal number of narrow straps emerging as a “must have” look. For examples, look no further than Giuseppe Zanotti. Zanotti’s bringing it to the table with both … Read more

Giuseppe Zanotti celebrates 20 years

Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti celebrated 20 years in the industry last month with an invite-only dinner in New York. That sort of experience puts Zanotti up with some of the leading names in the shoe design business. You can check out some of our coverage of Zanotti’s work over the past few years in … Read more

Did Pleaser’s “Domina” zipper shoes inspire these designer high heels?

Zip high heel by Pleaser

  Pleaser’s edgy Domina 119 zipper heels have been turning heads for years with their snazzy patent leather straps with a wrap around inlaid zipper. Now sold under Pleaser’s Devious label, the shoes have a 6 inch heel and a balancing ankle strap to help you strut your stuff (buy a pair online now from from only $48.95). … Read more

The look for less: Giuseppe Zanotti mules

Giuseppe Zanotti mules

Has Giuseppe Zanotti taken inspiration for his new $650 heels from a simple pair of stripper shoes? Is the mule craze out of control? Aren’t all sky-high heels just bedroom shoes in disguise? Who the hell knows? What I do know is that Zanotti’s black patent-leather 5 inch mules (above – Zanotti, $650) do remind me … Read more

Does Kylie Minogue have the best shoe collection in the whole world?

Kylie Minogue high heels

Kylie Minogue has been rocking stilettos since she stepped out of Charlene’s workboots in Neighbours, which is pretty much forever. The Aussie star has always posted plenty of high heel pictures on her social media sites and her 2014 shoe collection is better than ever. Is it the best in the world? Maybe. Are we … Read more