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Could Blake Lively really be Cinderella?

Blake Lively CinderellaPictured recently on Instagram with her size 9 feet surrounded by footwear, Blake Lively could be mistaken for Cinderella. It’s not that far-fetched: after all, the actress was only 23 when Christian Louboutin named a high heel shoe after her.

Blake has previously compared the feeling she gets from her “magical” Louboutins with the emotions she experienced first watching Walt Disney’s Cinderella (the 1950s animated film, not the live-action version which didn’t come about until 2015).

That happened when Blake attended the 24th Annual Footwear News Achievement Awards at MOMA on November 30, 2010 in New York City clad in a pair of Louboutins.

The relationship between the shoes and Cinderella was all that the actress could be drawn into speaking about. “They’re magical,” Blake told the assembled press, saying:

It’s the same feeling you got when you watched Cinderella.You know the feeling you got when you watched Cinderella?

Every time you slip into a pair of his shoes, they make you feel empowered, they make you feel beautiful, they make you feel magical. You can be anybody you want to be.

Christian Louboutin book

Christian Louboutin returned the favor less than a year later, at his book launch in November 2011. Gushing about Blake as his muse, he said:

She has proved that she is really intelligent, and she also has this natural beauty and this natural way of moving, which makes her absolutely a great image.

I hate this part of my job.

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Back in those days, the mutual admiration was understandable: Blake admitted to having an “absurd amount” of Louboutin’s shoes in her closet.

In more recent times Blake has been seen sporting Stuart Weitzman heels, even leading to claims that she was “cheating” on Louboutin!

Not to worry though; Stuart Weitzman understands the Cinderella connection too.

“Why do women love shoes? It starts with Cinderella,” he says. “Then The Wizard of Oz and those ruby red slippers, then ballet shoes . . . the first hero of your life is a shoe.”

Stuart Weitzman’s “Fever” heels have a 5 star rating through 180 reviews

Stuart Weitzman FeverWe constantly monitor best-selling lists for high heels online, always on the lookout for what’s trending in numbers of sales or in customer reviews. According to customers, right now there’s no heel hotter than Stuart Weitzman’s Fever pump ($355 from Zappos for USA customers only, with free shipping).

Fever has a 4 inch heel, and its classical pointed toe and lightly padded footbed seem to make it the perfect night and day high heel. Customers agree and are absolutely raving about this classic shoe, so much so that they have rated it an average 5 out of 5 stars overall through 180 reviews. The overall rating is based on individual ratings for both comfort and style, meaning this heel is outstanding in both categories.

Here’s some of the comments from reviewers on

sexy sandals

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  • Nothing else compares!
  • Remarkably comfortable and easy to walk in.
  • I do not know how he does it but it is, by far, the sexiest fit and look on the market today.
  • This shoe is classy, sexy and chic.

The reviewers also commented on the amount of attention these pumps seem to attract, with comments such as:

  • Every single time I wear Fever, the looks and compliments from both women and men alike are never-ending.
  • Every time I wear them, people stop to compliment them.
  • I received a lot of compliments wearing these shoes.

For more images of this black kid leather pump with leather lining, head to

Cinderella’s glass slipper by Stuart Weitzman debuts on Broadway

Stuart Weitzman clear heelThe glass slipper is one of the stars of the Cinderella story, itself perhaps the world’s most treasured fairytale. Little wonder then that the producers of the inaugural Cinderella on Broadway turned to an iconic shoe designer to make sure that the glass slipper from Roger and Hammerstein’s musical got the attention from the audience and critics that it deserved.

Industry veteran Stuart Weitzman was the man to whom they turned, and Weitzman did not disappoint. The designer went for a see-through heel made mainly of PVC and using a screw-less welded-construction technique which is normally used in high heels, so that the Cinderella heels have an exquisite seamless look.

Lest it be thought that these see-through heels sound like stripper shoes, it should be pointed out that they only have a 2.5 inch heel (easy pickings for the show’s Cinderella, Tony Award nominee Laura Osnes) and they are neatly decorated with Swarovski crystals so that any member of the audience can see the famous slippers sparkle – even those seated far away in the cheapest seats.

Stuart Weitzman Cinderella

The shoes debuted on Broadway this weekend to much acclaim, justifying the work done by Weitzman in conjunction with Cinderella costume designer William Ivey Long.

For those itching to get their hands on a glass slipper of their own, Stuart Weitzman’s “clearly timeless” collection contains a version of the famous shoe. It’s called Asteroid and retails from the designer’s website for $575. Unlike the more modest stage version, this shoe has a 4 inch heel to suit the modern day princess. It is currently available on pre-order.

Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman goes walking after midnight

Stuart Weitzman has embraced cross-channel, self promotion by giving four of his latest high heels their very own film clips. The four 60 second videos (branded “vignettes”) each feature a pair of Stuart Weitzman heels being worn around New York City by Czech model Petra Nemcova. Three clips have already been released. The final clip will be released Wednesday, at which time all four will be combined and released as one video.

Stuart Weitzman bootsThe series is called “Walking After Midnight.” As its name suggests, it follows Nemcova on a “midnight fantasy stroll” around the clubs and streets of downtown New York looking for an after party at which to kick on into the night. Locals will recognise haunts such as Le Baron nightclub, Peels restaurant, the Hole gallery and Freeman’s Alley. What you won’t see is any drunken high-heel stumbling though potholed streets.

Stuart Weitzman shoesThe cinematography is dark, and the music edgy: the clips are set to a remake of the Patsy Cline song, “Walking After Midnight” by Girl in a Coma. James Franco did the directing. The series is said to be inspired by the 1988 movie Mondo New York in which a young woman wanders around New York City and stumbles across characters from the city’s underground.

Petra Nemcova Stuart Weitzman

Seen here from episode 1 of the series is Petra Nemcova wearing the Stuart Weitzman Backflip calfhair boot. Featured in scarlet mustard hair color in the clip (but also available in chocolate feline hair), this side-zipper boot has a 3.25 inch heel. It’s available from Stuart Weitzman for $675.

You can see the rest of the clips on Stuart Weitzman’s youtube channel.

Killer high heels you can actually walk in

Stuart Weitzman Fall Winter 2012There might be nothing sexier to look at than a dagger-like stiletto heel, but a 5 or 6 inch metal spike on your shoe is not exactly practical. Fortunately Stuart Weitzman has come up with the perfect solution with his new Dagger pump.

The designer has engineered a patent leather pump with a sexy, razor thin metal spike-heel. Unlike other killer heels this site has reviewed, the Dagger’s titanium, pin-point heel is a very manageable 4 inches high. The leather footbed should also cushion and comfort. It is pictured above in shiny, tinto quasar colored patent leather with a silver stiletto heel.

Glitter stilettosThe Dagger is part of Stuart Weitzman’s Fall 2012 collection and has been described by the brand as “glamorous, chic and befittingly provocative.” The shoe also comes in a mini-glitter finish for the sexy Cinderella look and, for an extra $10, in black suede with a gold heel incorporating a flash of leopard skin at the top of the stiletto.

Stuart Weitzman suede and leopard skinRussian model Natalia Vodianova will be the face of the Stuart Weitzman Fall / Winter 2012 campaign, her second campaign with the brand. See a behind-the-scenes video of Natalia’s photoshoot for the campaign with Mario Testino below, in which she wears the black suede Dagger pumps.

The Dagger pump is available from Stuart Weitzman for $375 – $385.


Tortoise shoes: 5 tortoiseshell prints to put some reptile in your heels

tortoise heelsCould tortoiseshell be the latest trend emerging in the world of high heels? The tortoiseshell look is certainly popular among the high-end shoe designers, and perhaps it is only a matter of time before other designers and brands take up the fashion too. Today we have tracked down 5 of the sharpest tortoise shoes  currently on the market: two sandals, two pumps and a peep toe.

The high heel featured at the top of this article is Stuart Weitzman’s “Fantasia” sandal. This shoe has patent leather straps with a tortoiseshell pattern, a small exposed 1 inch platform and a 5 inch stiletto heel. It can be farfetched from Palermo Italy for €263.

tortoise shoesThe pumps are by Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik. The Choo (above) is Abel, a 4 inch tortoiseshell-print patent-leather pump from the Choo 24:7 capsule collection. It is new to net-a-porter for £312.50. The Manolo (below) is also a 4 inch tortoiseshell-print pump. It’s available in limited sizes from Bergdorf Goodman for $595.

tortoiseshell pattern shoesFor a more budget, option the Endo tortoise sandals from Jessica Simpson (below) stack up well.  These shoes have a 5 inch tortoise heel  with criss-crossing straps and a 1 inch stacked platform also with the tortoiseshell pattern. They’re currently on sale at for $67.99.

tortoiseshell pattern heelsOur final tortoise shoe find are these red calf leather peep toe pumps from Jimmy Choo. The leather in these high heels has a tortoiseshell pattern and they can be farfetched from Capri Italy for €467.

tortoiseshell patterned heels