Could Blake Lively really be Cinderella?

Blake Lively Cinderella

Pictured recently on Instagram with her size 9 feet surrounded by footwear, Blake Lively could be mistaken for Cinderella. It’s not that far-fetched: after all, the actress was only 23 when Christian Louboutin named a high heel shoe after her. Blake has previously compared the feeling she gets from her “magical” Louboutins with the emotions … Read more

Cinderella’s glass slipper by Stuart Weitzman debuts on Broadway

Stuart Weitzman clear heel

The glass slipper is one of the stars of the Cinderella story, itself perhaps the world’s most treasured fairytale. Little wonder then that the producers of the inaugural Cinderella on Broadway turned to an iconic shoe designer to make sure that the glass slipper from Roger and Hammerstein’s musical got the attention from the audience … Read more

Stuart Weitzman goes walking after midnight

Stuart Weitzman boots

Stuart Weitzman has embraced cross-channel, self promotion by giving four of his latest high heels their very own film clips. The four 60 second videos (branded “vignettes”) each feature a pair of Stuart Weitzman heels being worn around New York City by Czech model Petra Nemcova. Three clips have already been released. The final clip … Read more

Tortoise shoes: 5 tortoiseshell prints to put some reptile in your heels

tortoise heels

Could tortoiseshell be the latest trend emerging in the world of high heels? The tortoiseshell look is certainly popular among the high-end shoe designers, and perhaps it is only a matter of time before other designers and brands take up the fashion too. Today we have tracked down 5 of the sharpest tortoise shoes  currently … Read more