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High heeled chocolates and cookies

Time to have a bit of fun today, with high heeled chocolates, cookies and more! First up — high heeled chocolates. At first you won’t know whether to save or eat these life-sized, solid chocolate heels from They are even packaged in their own “shopping […]

Holy Cow! MooShoes NYC

If you’re a vegan high heel aficionado and you make a trip to New York City, a stop at MooShoes should certainly be on your itinerary. Located at 78 Orchard Street in the Lower East Side, this inviting shoe shop offers a broad range of […]

Lindsay Lohan to Add Shoes to 6126 Brand

Celebrity fashion lines aren’t uncommon these days. But when the celeb is the paparazzi darling Lindsay Lohan the new wears are sure to garner more attention. Despite LiLo’s lukewarm success with her leggings brand 6126, and an absolutely disastrous stint at Emmanuel Ungaro, the star […]

Why Do We Love High Heels?

For many of us on this website the answer to this question might seem obvious: because they are awesome! It can’t be denied that heels make you appear longer and leaner – and they give your silhouette great curves. But our modern love for sky-high […]

Georgina Goodman Takes a Bite out of Spring 2011

There are plenty of shoes on the market that might classify as “edgy.” But how many of those are edgy enough to bite you? Georgina Chapman’s Spring 2011 deliver on that will couple of styles that have teeth of their own… Okay, they’re not actual […]

Stella! Boots!

Once known only for her famous father, Sir Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney is now a celebrity in her own right thanks to her incredible fashion design skills. A long-time vegetarian, Stella has made sure that her fashion designs reflect her ethics, and all shoes she […]

John Fluevog: ethical, vegan heels!

John Fluevog: ethical, vegan heels!

John Fluevog Shoes is unique in the shoe industry in that their shoes are all handmade in small factories where workers are paid fair wages and treated fairly. This emphasis on fair trade means that Fluevog shoes are not cheap, but they are well-made (the […]

ASOS Spring 2011

ASOS Spring 2011

London based ASOS fashion has sharply risen in profile over the past few years. With a trend-conscious, but affordable inventory, the brand took to the Internet and has recently expanded its global reach with a US-centered site to support the original UK version. Now fashion […]

Nine West Fall 2011 Preview

Shoe retailer Nine West has just released a preview of their Fall 2011 line of shoes and boots. There are some scrumptious heels in the mix, which will cover all occasions from casual to cocktail. And the footwear is made that much more lovely knowing […]

Forget Jewellry, We Want Shoellrey!

Forget Jewellry, We Want Shoellrey!

When your shoes are the best loved items in your wardrobe it make sense that you would want to do you best to bring attention to them. Using shoe accessories are a great way to nicely frame your shoes and add variety to your footwear […]