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Denim look high heel sneakers are new for 2017

sneaker high heels 2017

High heeled sneakers are always super-popular but not very easy to find. This is why we let our readers know whenever we spy a pair.

For 2017 we have great news: we’ve found not one but two pairs of denim-look sneaker high heels available via Ali Express.

These fun, jeans-look heels come in two shades – light and dark. They even have a rubber outsole in case you want to shoot hoops in them.

2017’s latest high heel sneakers are available from Ali Express for $131 (affiliate link). However the site regularly has discounts so you are likely to pick up a pair for considerably less than full price.

If you’ve never ordered from Ali Express before, go ahead and check them out. Click on “Buyer Protection” at the top of their page for details of their money back guarantee and other protections.

See more pictures of the sneaker high heels below.

high heel sneakers 2017

high heel sneakers

sneakers with high heels

2017 high heel sneaker range

High heel sneakers from Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin sneaker high heels

It’s 100% a mystery to me why more designers don’t produce high heel sneakers. Every time a pair come on the market they fly off the shelves.

Anyhow, Christian Louboutin knows a money-making shoe when he sees one, hence his new Boltina trainer high heel.

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This new 4.8 inch stiletto has mesh side-panels and lining just like a sneaker. However dig beneath the surface and you’ll find the designer’s iconic red-sole – which is leather of course.

The sneaker high heel has a Christian Louboutin logo detail on both the tongue and heel.

UPDATE: as at at 10 March 2016, this shoe has sold out and is unavailable for sale. It was once sold from Neiman Marcus for $1,095 in April 2015. If this high heeled sneaker becomes available again we will link to retail outlets from this post.

sneaker high heels by Christian Louboutin

Sneaker high heels for 2015

sneaker heels

Nothing, absolutely nothing, seems to sell out more quickly than sneaker high heels. These are brand new to, and already sold out in some sizes. I’ll happily predict they’ll be gone by lunchtime.

[UPDATE AUGUST 2017: Sorry, but I was right. These heels are sold out and this article has been amended and the link removed. If they become available again we will make a further amendment.]

The heels are called Wizard from BCBGeneration, and they were briefly available from for $129.99. Also available in black.

Sadly these sneaker high heels are no longer available. black sneaker high heels

Dawn Richard launches capsule shoe collection with Lust for Life

Dawn Richard high heels

Dawn Richard has launched a three-piece capsule high heel collection with the Lust for Life label, but if you want a pair you’ll need to get in fast.

Richard says her favourite piece of the three is the thigh high leather boot, which has a unique gold panel trim and 5 inch heel (pictured).

**UPDATE December 2017: the Collection is no longer available. If this changes, the links will be reactivated. This boot was previous available from Heels for $269.99 way back in December 2014.**

In a video interview that you can view in full below, the singer / songwriter explained:

I think the thigh high is my favourite… It’s really really sexy and for me – I’m short – and so everything aligns and everything is long in length for me on stage and I love thigh highs they create a reality of me being longer than what I really am.

Thigh highs are my girls…I bake with them, I cook with them, I go to Walmart in them.

The Dawn Richard Lust for Life collaboration not only are designed for clubbing and looking fabulous, but they are also “performance ready” shoes. About this aspect, Richard said:

I wanted to make shoes that were comfortable enough not only to walk down the street with but also to perform in for two hours on stage.

Because for me heels are everything and on stage they pretty much amplify what my performance incorporates and what it actually is.


Dawn Richard sneaker heel

The capsule collection also included a sneaker heel pictured above (previously available for $279.99) and the 5 inch thin stiletto pump shown below (previously available for $169.99). Both sold out very fast.

Dawn Richard shoes

The colours of the inaugural Dawn Richard Lust for Life collection are black and gold. Richard explained that her first two solo albums were called GoldenHeart and BlackHeart: “so what I’ve done is associate the colours and the brand with the colours for the shoes.”

There’s also another reason. Richard was born in New Orleans, where the local football team plays in black and gold. “I bleed black and gold,” she laughed, “…so it was only right to do that as the starting point because I wanted to stay close to my roots.”

As for Lust for Life, Richard says it is a brand she says she has “been stalking… for a very long time now… I am really excited to finally have a shoe line with them.”

New retro sneaker heels from Shellys London

sneaker high heelsWhen Shellys London relaunched last year, I covered the event more in hope than expectation. Chunky platforms seemed like a trend that might not last forever (and it probably won’t), and I wondered just how much nostalgia people really would have for the 90’s. I’d pretty much written Shellys London off as a flash in the pan.

Sometimes it’s nice to be wrong.

Shellys latest contribution is a sneaker heel, a genre which is ever popular and mysteriously not made by all that many labels.  Great then to lay my eyes on this 1970’s style sneaker (Man About The House, anyone?) on orange canvas fabric printed with a pretty floral pattern.

The shoe has a 4 1/2 inch thick heel and 1 1/2 inch platform. It’s called Asuven.

UPDATE, March 2018: unfortunately this high heel from back in 2014 has SOLD OUT. It was available for $90 back in the day.  We have removed the dead links accordingly.

High heel sneakers by Donna Karan for Opening Ceremony

sneaker heels DKNY

Sneaker heels are a perennially popular kick, and today we feature a pair that are a throwback to the 1990s. The shoes pictured here are designed by Donna Karan of DKNY fame for retailer Opening Ceremony.

The high top heeled canvas sneakers are made in China of man-made materials (they have a rubber sole and captoe). With a 3.5 inch heel they’re available in sizes 6 to 10 (including half sizes) from Opening Ceremony for $175.


sneaker look high heels

sneakers with heels

Get your kicks with this fab new sneaker heel from ZiGi Girl

red sneaker high heels

Sneaker high heels are a popular but hard-to-find commodity, which is why we’ve dedicated a page to some of the coolest stiletto sportwear that the web has to offer.

**UPDATE, MARCH 2017: the shoes depicted in this post are no longer available and links have been removed and the post updated. If this changes, we will post new links.**

Today we can add to those selections with the new Salute heel from New York’s ZiGi Girl brand. This awesome 7 inch sneaker has a 2.5 inch platform, meaning an effective heel height of 4.5 inches. And that’s enough to turn even a short-arse into a 6 foot plus basketballer.

The new Salute has a canvas-covered upper and rubber soles and details, plus a lace-up sneaker-inspired front as you’d expect.

Back in 2013 you could pick up a pair of these hot shoes for $129.99 in red or black. Sadly they are no longer available.

black high heel sneakers

Sporty high heel sneakers from Privileged

stiletto sneakers

[UPDATE, April 2016: These sneaker heels are no longer available and links have been removed.]

There’s a definite gap in the market for sneaker high heels, but it is slowly being filled. We’ve earlier reported that Nike don’t make sneaker heels (although they do say they will keep the concept under review pending demand) and Adidas have only entered the scene on a limited basis. That’s allowed other labels to fill the niche, and recently the quality and range of these sporty stilettos has exploded.

Last week we looked at ZiGi Girl’s take on the stiletto sports shoe and today’s find is from Privileged. The sneaker aspects come from the padded collar and tongue, waxed laces and wide velcro strap closure whereas the heel is a full 6 inch stiletto with a 3 inch hidden platform. The shoe is finished with a cushioned insole of course for added comfort when shooting hoops.

sneakers with high heels


The colour scheme of this high heel sneaker is a tribal print canvas upper seen here in pink and lime. The pump is also available in white with a hologram trim, gold, an army print, and a black multi-coloured look (see more images below).

[UPDATE: In August 2013, this Privileged shoe retailed for only $100 at Karmaloop but it is no longer available as at April 2016. If the shoe becomes available again, a link will be added.]

white high heel sneakers

gold sneaker high heels

Army high heel sneakers

colourful sneaker high heels

Quality sneaker high heels from ZiGi Girl

sneaker high heels

UPDATE, August 2017: this heel is no longer available either in white or black as featured in this post. The link has been disabled and this post updated. If this sneaker heel becomes available again, we will update this post.

Wedge heel sneakers have been easy to come by lately, but genuine high heel sneakers – where the sports shoe upper balances on a stiletto below – are harder to come by. That makes me all the more happy to have found the new Soothe heel from ZiGi Girl. This quality sneaker high heel has a leather upper and was previously available for $169.99.

high heel sneakers

While we’ve covered other high heel sneakers before, quality is really what sets this shoe apart. It has a genuine leather upper on top of a sports-shoe type sole and a lace-up front. Best of all, the shoe has an eye-popping 6 1/2 inch heel! Fortunately a 2 1/4 inch platform offsets plenty of that so the shoe should be relatively comfortable as well as adding half a foot of height.

sports shoe heels

This heel was also available in black for $139.99 but is sold out in that shade too.

sneaker heels

Finally, a high heel sneaker that isn’t a fake Nike

sneaker high heels

UPDATE: this sneaker heel is currently unavailable as at November 2014. This page will be updated if this changes.

The murky world of sneaker high heels has been dominated by brand name ripoffs, at least until now. Previously we’ve confirmed that all Nike sneaker heels are fakes, and that Adidas has made at least one sneaker heel (which was a drop in the ocean compared to all the counterfeit products).

But finally, we’ve found a legitimate high heel sneaker that isn’t claiming to be the four inch version of your favorite sports shoes. These color-blocking micro-fibre shoes give a fully legitimate sneaker look and are armed with a 4.3 inch stiletto heel. Admittedly, they do look to be based on the Nike Dunk but without the trademark swoosh on the side there is little chance of confusion.

The blue sneaker heels were available via Milanoo for $59.99 but are currently unavailable as at November 2014. Meanwhile to shop sexy shoes at Milanoo, go here or see our other articles about sneaker heels.

sneaker heels