Denim look high heel sneakers are new for 2017

sneaker high heels 2017

High heeled sneakers are always super-popular but not very easy to find. This is why we let our readers know whenever we spy a pair. For 2017 we have great news: we’ve found not one but two pairs of denim-look sneaker high heels available via Ali Express. These fun, jeans-look heels come in two shades – … Read more

High heel sneakers from Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin sneaker high heels

It’s 100% a mystery to me why more designers don’t produce high heel sneakers. Every time a pair come on the market they fly off the shelves. Anyhow, Christian Louboutin knows a money-making shoe when he sees one, hence his new Boltina trainer high heel. This new 4.8 inch stiletto has mesh side-panels and lining just like a … Read more

Sneaker high heels for 2015

Nothing, absolutely nothing, seems to sell out more quickly than sneaker high heels. These are brand new to, and already sold out in some sizes. I’ll happily predict they’ll be gone by lunchtime. [UPDATE AUGUST 2017: Sorry, but I was right. These heels are sold out and this article has been amended and the link … Read more

New retro sneaker heels from Shellys London

sneaker high heels

When Shellys London relaunched last year, I covered the event more in hope than expectation. Chunky platforms seemed like a trend that might not last forever (and it probably won’t), and I wondered just how much nostalgia people really would have for the 90’s. I’d pretty much written Shellys London off as a flash in … Read more

Sporty high heel sneakers from Privileged

stiletto sneakers

[UPDATE, April 2016: These sneaker heels are no longer available and links have been removed.] There’s a definite gap in the market for sneaker high heels, but it is slowly being filled. We’ve earlier reported that Nike don’t make sneaker heels (although they do say they will keep the concept under review pending demand) and … Read more

Quality sneaker high heels from ZiGi Girl

sneaker high heels

UPDATE, August 2017: this heel is no longer available either in white or black as featured in this post. The link has been disabled and this post updated. If this sneaker heel becomes available again, we will update this post. Wedge heel sneakers have been easy to come by lately, but genuine high heel sneakers … Read more